Kutch ho ya Guwahati, Apna Desh Apni Maati: Amit Shah


Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah addressed the public meeting in North Lakhimpur, Assam on Tuesday. During the event, Assam CM Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma, BJP State President Shri Bhabesh Kalita, BJP Assam Lok Sabha election In-charge Captain Abhimanyu Chaudhary, Rajya Sabha MP Shri Bhubaneswar Kalita, Lakhimpur BJP Lok Sabha Candidate Shri Pradan Baruah were present. During his speech, Shri Amit Shah emphasized BJP’s achievements in Assam and the Northeast under PM Narendra Modi.  Shah criticized Congress for past injustices in the region and contrasted them with BJP’s initiatives, from regional development to national security. Amit Shah urged Assam and Northeast’s decisive electoral victory for the BJP led NDA alliance.

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah conveyed that on the 19th of April, the public will decide their Member of Parliament, the governing party, and the Prime Minister for the next five years. Shah noted that people have two options, one is the INDI Alliance under the leadership of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, and the other is the BJP led NDA under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Amit Shah appealed to the people that voting is required to re-elect Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of the country for the third time and to ensure that the BJP forms a government with more than 400 seats.

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Amit Shah commented on Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi’s statement about preserving Assam’s culture by questioning what the Congress party has done for Assam till now. Amit Shah highlighted the injustices committed by the Congress against Assam since the era of Indira Gandhi. Amit Shah pointed out that during the Congress administration, thousands of youths lost their lives amid unrest in Assam. The BJP government led by PM Narendra Modi has achieved peace in Assam through over ten peace agreements, leading to the surrender of nine thousand youths from the region. Narendra Modi led BJP government has conferred the Bharat Ratna upon Bhupen Hazarika. Amit Shah emphasized that under the leadership of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, the BJP government in Assam has implemented various policies and initiatives to curb illegal immigration and enhance border security. Amit Shah pointed out that the Congress party failed to address issues such as insurgency, strikes, and terrorism in Assam, and also didn’t fulfil promises made to the youth. In contrast, the BJP fulfilled all commitments made to Bodoland within two years by reaching an agreement. Amit Shah highlighted that during the Congress government, rhinoceros poaching was prevalent, but after the BJP came into power, they ensured the safety of rhinoceroses, thereby bolstering Assam’s tourism sector.

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah mentioned that the BJP government has focused on preserving the legacies of Shankar Dev and Madhav Dev, reclaiming land belonging to these saints that was illegally occupied by immigrants, and taking measures to eliminate encroachment, especially in places like Kaziranga. Amit Shah also highlighted that the BJP paid tribute to the courageous son of Assam, Lachit Borphukan, by erecting a monumental statue in his honour. Amit Shah further stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ten years in Assam have been marked by development. Several peace agreements have been forged during the BJP’s tenure, leading to significant progress. Amit Shah expressed confidence that shortly, Assam will emerge as a developed state akin to other states across the country. Union Home Minister Amit Shah highlighted that the Congress delayed the construction of the Ram Mandir for years. However, under Prime Minister  Narendra Modi’s tenure, the verdict on Ram Janmabhoomi was delivered, Prime Minister did ‘Bhoomi Poojan’, and on January 22, 2024, he conducted the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ of Ram Lalla and placed him in his Temple.
Amit Shah highlighted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not only focused on the development of Assam but has also prioritized the progress of the entire Northeast region. Shah emphasized that the fortune of the country is linked to the prosperity of the Northeast. Developing Assam and the Northeast is crucial for the overall development of the nation. The Prime Minister has successfully removed The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act from 80% of Assam, contributing to the establishment of peace in the region. Amit Shah pointed out the disparity in allocation between the UPA government, led by Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, and the current government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During the UPA’s tenure from 2004-2014, only ₹1 lakh 62 thousand crore was allocated for Assam’s development. In contrast, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s government allocated significantly more, totalling ₹4 lakh 15 thousand crores for the development of Assam.

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Shah mentioned allocations of ₹30,000 crore for road construction, ₹95,000 crore for railways, and ₹10,000 crore for airport development. Additionally, numerous hospitals have been constructed to make Assam and the Northeast cancer-free. Shah expressed confidence that within the next five years, Assam will become a hub for cancer treatment, eliminating the need for people to travel to Delhi for treatment. Shah emphasized the healthcare advancements in Assam, including the establishment of AIIMS in Guwahati, the construction of a medical college in Tamulpur, and a 500-bed hospital in Nalbari. Additionally, medical colleges in Dhubri and Kakojan, each costing 500 crore, are underway, while the Karimganj Medical College nears completion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed various challenges faced by the poor in Assam. Amit Shah highlighted significant achievements in Assam, including 18 lakh beneficiaries of the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, 55 lakh households gaining access to tap water, 1 crore 70 lakh people benefiting from a ₹5 lakh health cover under Ayushman Bharat, and the construction of 43 lakh toilets. Almost 2 crore 30 lakh poor individuals are receiving 5 kilos of free ration per person every month, and 51 lakh gas connections have been provided to women.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah criticized the Congress manifesto, noting its mention of reinstating Muslim personal law upon gaining power. However, Shah highlighted the efforts of CM Himanta Biswa Sarma in eradicating child marriage in Assam and the Uttarakhand government’s introduction of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Amit Shah highlighted Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge’s questioning of the relevance of Kashmir, emphasizing that the entire nation considers Kashmir an integral part of India.  Shah recalled his childhood slogan, “Kutch ho ya Guwahati, Apna Desh Apni Maati”, contrasting it with Congress’s historical actions such as Jawaharlal Nehru ceding Assam instead of fighting during the China attack. But now, Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, there has been a significant transformation. China cannot capture even an inch of Indian territory. Shah emphasized that the people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh cannot forget the 1962 conflict between India and China. However, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governance, the Indian Army stood firm against China in Doklam for 45 days, ultimately compelling them to retreat.
Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah emphasized that Assam serves as the hub of the Northeast, and its development is intricately linked with that of the entire region and the nation as a whole. Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged in 2014 to facilitate the development of the Northeast, fulfilling a commitment to uplift the region. Shah underscored that Prime Minister  Narendra Modi holds the distinction of being the only Prime Minister to have visited the Northeast region more than 70 times, reflecting his commitment to its development. Additionally, Union ministers have collectively visited the region over 700 times, demonstrating the government’s dedication to the Northeast’s progress.  Amit Shah emphasized that it is now the time for the Northeast to secure all the seats for the NDA alliance. Assam particularly aims to win 12 out of 14 seats, with a significant victory margin of over 5 lakh votes each.

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