Intense Contest Expected in Lakhimpur Lok Sabha Constituency


As the Lok Sabha elections approach, all eyes are on the Lakhimpur Lok Sabha constituency, where an intriguing battle is set to unfold between Uday Shankar Hazarika, a former BJP stalwart who recently joined the Indian National Congress, and Pradan Baruah, the incumbent two-term BJP MP.

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Hazarika’s decision to switch sides has injected a fresh dynamic into the electoral landscape, with many anticipating a fierce showdown between him and Baruah.

Hazarika brings with him a wealth of experience in Lakhimpur Lok Sabha, having previously secured significant vote shares for the BJP in 1998, 1999, and 2004.

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In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Pradan Baruah emerged victorious, securing a substantial mandate with 776,406 votes, while the Congress candidate, Anil Borgohain, garnered 4,25,855 votes. In the 2016 by-election, Baruah retained his stronghold, albeit with a reduced margin, as the INC candidate, Dr. Hema Hari Prasanna Pegu, put up a commendable fight.

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Analysts note a notable increase in both INC and BJP vote shares in the 2019 elections compared to 2016, indicating a dynamic political landscape and shifting voter preferences. This presents a promising opportunity for Uday Shankar Hazarika to leverage disenchantment with the BJP’s performance and attract support from disillusioned BJP voters and traditional INC supporters alike.

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Adding to the electoral intrigue, the Trinamool Congress has fielded a candidate in Lakhimpur for the first time, with Ghana Kanta Chutia expected to play a significant role in the contest. Additionally, contenders from other parties and independent candidates, including Dhiren Kachari, Pallab Pal Pegu, Biren Bailung, Bikram Ramchiyari, Deba Nath Pait, and Gobin Biswakarma, further enrich the electoral landscape.

As the Lakhimpur constituency gears up for polling on April 19, all eyes are on the unfolding political drama, with each candidate vying to capture the imagination and support of the electorate in this crucial electoral battleground.

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