Who is Systematically Targeting Romen Borthakur in a Phased and Planned Manner ?


Who is Systematically targeting Romen Borthakur in a phased and planned manner? This is the question that is central to our analysis and information from source. Before we begin, let us start with a very important question. The question is : What are the missing links between Indian National Congress party’s very high chance of formation of government in 2026, role of central observers and representatives of the of Congress High Command to the APCC , INC organisational backbone in Assam and North East ? Now to the answer.

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The Answer to the above question is very simple and very elaborate. First, let us see the simple answer. The simple answer is there are two missing links before Congress can form government in 2026 in Assam, the first link is Romen Borthakur and the second missing link is the role of central observers from party high command to Assam and NE. Before we even see the elaborate answer, let us give a quick look at the short answer.

Romen Borthakur is the person who not only has the capacity but more importantly capabilities to lead Congress to revival and Govt formation in 2026. His capacity and capabilities will be analysed in detail and why he is the most important stakeholder for revival of Congress and more importantly how he should be given a calculated hand to do his plan ?

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Romen Borthakur is the one who is capable to lead the revival of Congress in Assam again. Who is then behind systematic denial and conspiracy against Romen Borthakur? Why Romen Borthakur is targeted ? This is where we will produce a detailed series. Over the course of next few weeks we shall analyse and provide deep insights sourced from the persons in helm of affairs and answers to all that’s happening behind the scenes as Assam enters the race to form its next government in 2026.

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And before we end this piece, we now to answer the question which formed the basis of our headline, which was: Who is Systematically targeting Romen Borthakur in a phased and planned manner ? The answer is The Cabal. What is the aim and objective of the “The Cabal”? Who is secretly backing the Cabal? Who are the members of the “The Cabal”? We shall know all these answers in the series to follow.

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