Tough Competition Anticipated in Kaziranga Lok Sabha Constituency Amid Delimitation Changes


In the wake of recent delimitation changes, the political landscape of Kaziranga Lok Sabha Constituency has undergone a significant transformation, setting the stage for a fiercely contested electoral battle. With the inclusion of Hojai and Lumding assembly constituencies and the exclusion of several from Nagaon district, the constituency dynamics have shifted.

Notably, two-time MP Gaurav Gogoi has opted to contest from another constituency, leaving the field wide open for new contenders. This move underscores the intensifying competition in Kaziranga, where eleven candidates are vying for victory.

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Leading the charge from the BJP camp is Rajya Sabha MP Kamakhya Prasad Tasa, while the Congress has fielded former MLA Roselina Tirkey as its candidate. However, the emergence of independent candidate Diluwara Begum Chowdhury from Hojai has injected further vigor into the race, with Chowdhury mounting a spirited campaign.

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The unfamiliarity of the constituency for all candidates has leveled the playing field, making the electoral battle more unpredictable than ever. Independent candidate Abdul Hoque, along with others such as Anima Deka Gupta, Binod Gogoi, Jyotiska Ranjan Goswami, Sailen Chandra Malakar, Saleh Ahmed Mazumdar, Salim Ahmed, and Tridiv Jyoti Bhuyan, adds to the diverse mix of contenders.

As the election fervor gains momentum, Kaziranga finds itself at the center of political attention, poised for a tightly contested electoral showdown that will shape the region’s political landscape for years to come.

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