‘Shave Head’ Protest Held at Manas National Park


The Greater Manas Conservation and Tourism Development Society, a collective of 14 organizations, organized a protest at the main entrance of Manas National Park on July 9. Participants in the protest shaved their heads as a symbolic gesture to demand an end to the killing of Rhinos, Elephants, and Tigers.

Several protesters voluntarily shaved their heads to express their concerns and draw attention to the issue.

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One of the protesters stated that the Manas National Park risks losing its title as a world heritage site. “The recent incidents of rhino, elephant, Bengal tiger, and deer killings within the park highlight the need for an improved park management system, protester said and urged the park authorities to take greater responsibility and action. Protesters allege that poaching activities are on the rise in Manas National Park.

It is noteworthy that the Greater Manas Conservation and Tourism Development Society had previously organized a protest on July 1.

The society has announced plans for a sit-in on July 14, a bike rally on July 20, and a gherao program at the division office on July 29.

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