Concerns Rise in Guwahati Over Poor Infrastructure Development


City People Struggle with Digging, construction Work, Flooding, etc

Guwahati: People in Guwahati are getting increasingly worried about the city’s inadequate infrastructure. They have been witnessing frequent incidents of water pipes bursting. On June 23, there was a small water pipe burst in the Hengerabari area, following a similar incident in Maligaon on June 22. Even earlier, a water pipe burst occurred in Noomati.

It’s important to note that Guwahati has experienced several water pipe bursts recently, with two major incidents causing significant damage. On May 25, a woman lost her life due to a water pipe burst in Kharguli, resulting in property damage and injuries to many households. Another pipe burst in Rajgarh area caused lakhs worth of property damage. In response, Ashok Singhal, the Minister of Assam Housing & Urban Affairs and Irrigation, has ordered a thorough investigation into the water supply pipe bursts, particularly the one in Kharguli.

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Apart from these incidents, a tragic road accident claimed the life of a female student in the Ganeshguri area on June 8. Media reports suggest that the construction company failed to fill potholes and cover manholes properly after completing their work.

In view of the unfortunate incident at Ganeshguri, DC, Kamrup(M) Pallav Gopal Jha chaired an urgent meeting to review safety precautions and measures in presence of all agencies engaged in road digging. Strict instructions were issued and action is being initiated against erring agency.

Moreover, on June 13, workers got injured when a shutter plate fell from an under-construction flyover in Maligaon. Reports indicate that an iron shuttering slab fell from above and hit two individuals working on the project. Assam’s Chief Minister, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, quickly visited the site and later went to the hospital where the injured workers were being treated.

Meanwhile, the recurring problem of artificial flooding continues to pose a major challenge for the city, leaving residents struggling with an unresolved issue.

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In a conversation with The Guwahati, a resident expressed concerns about the lack of safety on the roads and in homes. The person emphasized the importance of improving the city’s infrastructure and urged the government to finish all construction work quickly.

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