Tribal Groups in Sonapur Protest Against Scheduled Caste Reservation in Dimoria Constituency


Sonapur: On June 30, several tribal groups in Dimoria constituency, along with local residents, staged a protest demanding the withdrawal of scheduled caste reservation. The tribal party organizations strongly oppose the reservation and stated that it will not be accepted under any circumstances.

“If the government fails to withdraw the reservation soon, various party organizations and the local community in Dimoria will continue their movement in the coming days,” a protester said.

During the protest, one of the participants expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision, stating that the public of Dimoria strongly rejects the constituency being categorized as a scheduled caste constituency. They urged the Election Commission to promptly cancel this decision. The organizations involved in the protest have submitted a memorandum of demand to the chief minister through the Sonapur revenue circle officer.

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