Sudden Price Hike in Guwahati’s Vegetable Market Raises Concerns


Guwahati: The prices of vegetables in Guwahati have unexpectedly increased, with some items doubling or even more in price. Spine gourd, ridge gourd, pointed gourd, lady’s finger, squash, and others have witnessed significant price rises. Local residents suspect that certain traders are taking advantage of the flood situation to raise prices. It’s worth noting that vegetable prices vary across different locations in Guwahati, as there is no system in place to regulate or control prices.

In retail markets in Guwahati, spine gourd (bhat kerela) at Rs 120 per kg against Rs 80 earlier,  ridge gourd (jika) is sold at Rs 100/80 per kg against Rs 60/40 few days ago, pointed gourd (potol) at Rs 100 and it was Rs 60 earlier, lady’s finger at Rs 100 per kg which are Rs 40 earlier, squash at Rs 80 per kg against Rs 40 earlier,  etc.

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