“The Slam Book” – A Heartwarming Love Story Filled with Entertainment


Assamese cinema has recently witnessed remarkable success in terms of business, establishing itself as a significant force in the industry. Keeping up with the rising demand for Assamese content, N.K. Production organized a screening of their latest Assamese film, “The Slam Book,” on June 28th. The event was graced by cine journalists and special guests, and as a journalist myself, I had the privilege of attending the screening and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

N.K. Production has been instrumental in providing opportunities for budding actors, actresses, and singers, and “The Slam Book” is no exception. The outstanding performances by debutants Nirupam Saikia and Shreshtha B. Choudhury have truly captivated the audience. Both have showcased their acting skills in front of the camera for the first time, proving their potential as talented heroes and heroines in Assamese cinema under the expert direction of skilled filmmakers.

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The music by Zubin Garg in the film has received immense appreciation and love. The melodious songs he creates for movies are enchanting, leaving no doubt about his talent. His music brings a unique blend of soulful and mesmerizing tunes to the cinematic experience, enriching it with an exceptional collection of beautiful songs.

Director Pranjal Goyari, a prominent figure in the film industry, and his collaborator in cinematography, Jnan Gautam, display exceptional talent. Jnan Gautam’s commendable camera work, particularly in capturing certain scenes in a single shot, showcases his skills. His cinematography has garnered appreciation from the audience during the special screening of the movie.

The editing by Pradeep Pal is also impressive. As “The Slam Book” has recently been released on June 30th, I won’t reveal any spoilers about the film. However, just like those who have written slam books in their lives, the film will appeal to the new generation of viewers. I eagerly anticipate witnessing more exceptional work in the future from the film’s screenwriter, Bishnujyoti Handique, who has already demonstrated his skills through some captivating short films made for YouTube. His love for cinema, poetic sensibility, and introspective vision are beautifully reflected in the films he crafts.

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Rupam Barua stands out among the talented cast with his brilliant performance in a supporting role, deserving recognition for his efforts. I am not disappointed with the casting choices in this film. I appreciated the performances of Priyanka Barua, Kakoli Handique, and Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika. Raj Datta’s acting is also impressive in the film. Although there are minor flaws in the sound mixing, they do not detract from the overall experience. From the perspective of simple entertainment, “The Slam Book” is truly enjoyable. I personally have a fondness for and take pleasure in films of this genre, whether in Hindi or any other language. Each film genre serves its own historical purpose, and while some films succeed in fulfilling their purpose, others may fall short. After the release of “The Slam Book,” it appears to have achieved its intended purpose with the support of the audience.

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