Shyamanta Kashyap Denies Rumors of Joining Congress


Guwahati: Shyamanta Kashyap, son of former Assam Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, has clarified that he has no plans to join Congress or any national political party at this time. Speaking to The Guwahati, Kashyap addressed circulating rumors, stating, “Some news channels are reporting that I will be joining a national political party. This is not true, and as of now, I have not taken any decision to join any political party.”

Envisioning the Future of the Third Pole and the Eastern Himalayas

Kashyap has been actively working in the Barhampur constituency in recent days, leading political analysts to speculate that he might enter active politics before the 2026 Assembly elections. However, his recent statements suggest otherwise.

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