Local Women Empowered Through Fruit Processing Training at Rainforest Institute in Jorhat


Jorhat: A group of local women from Bhagamukh Charingia village of Jorhat have achieved newfound skills and empowerment through a recent fruit processing training program held at the Rainforest Institute. Over the course of three days, twenty-one women participated in the program, which aimed to enhance their knowledge and abilities in fruit value addition.

The training program, organized by the Rainforest Institute, selected Bhagamukh Charingia village as a “demonstration village” to showcase the positive impact of skill development initiatives in rural communities. The participants, carefully chosen from the village, eagerly engaged in the training led by Pranjal Kumar Goswami from Guwahati, an expert in the field.

Under the guidance of Dr. Rajiv Kumar Borah, Director of the Rainforest Institute, the program commenced with an introduction to the economic potential of indigenous products, particularly emphasizing the significance of utilizing bamboo resources. Dr. Borah’s insightful session laid the foundation for the subsequent training.

Rajeev Kumar Kalita, a senior scientist and program director of the training, shared valuable insights on various forest resources available locally. He highlighted the nature, applications, and economic benefits associated with these resources, capturing the attention of the trainees.

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