Assamese Film ‘Kanndari’ Secures OTT Deal


Guwahati : “Kanndari,” a featurette film was unveiled before media and distinguished guests at Jyotichitraban Kahilipara, Guwahati on September 16. Kanndari an Assam based featurette film gets an OTT deal.

“Kanndari” made its debut in both Assamese and Hindi and is now accessible on CND Play.

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Directed by first-time director RK, the film unfolds a gripping murder mystery and features a cast including Gunjan Bhardwaj, Udayan Duarah, Chinmoy Kataki, Nikha Kashyap, Pradip Nisith, and newcomer Nitumoni Singha.

During the special screening, newcomer Nitumoni Singha garnered immense praise for her captivating performance. She initiated her acting journey in a music video alongside popular actor Utpal Das and subsequently featured in several successful music albums and serials.

Director RK also received accolades for his directorial skills and storytelling. The film’s creative team includes writers RK and Julfikar Parveez, Director of Photography Bitul Das, Assistant Cinematographer Madhurjya Deka, DI & Editing by Shyamal Das, Music composed by Rideep Das, Action sequences by Deepak Chetri, and Public Relations managed by Subhankar Banerjee, founder of Seven Sense Communication, a Public Relations Agency based in Guwahati.

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