14th Annual Drama Festival in Guwahati Pays Tribute to Brajanath Sharma


Guwahati : Samahar Natya Gosthee’s 14th Annual Brajanath Sharma Memorial Inter-State Drama Festival is being held at the District Library Auditorium in Guwahati.

The festival, which runs from September 11 to 15, began with the lighting of the Festival Lamp by Brajanath Sharma’s granddaughter, Ms. Neelakshi Mishra Sharma.

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The inauguration ceremony saw the presence of veteran film and theatre actress Ms. Chetana Das, who officially opened the festival. Eminent academician Prof Abdul Mannan released the festival’s souvenir titled ‘Kohinoor.’

On 11th September, Art from Nagaon presented “SAGOROR BUKUT EJAAK JONAKOR MRITYU”, written by eminent theatre personality and filmmaker Mr Arup Borthakur. The play, directed by Mr Suraj Kumar Saikia, mainly talked about the perennial flood havoc and its impact on common people.

Onv12th September  6:45 pm, Jagiroad Natyagosthi will perform “EKALABYA”. The play, written and directed by well-known theatre personality Mr Tarun Talukdar, revolves around a rape victim. It showcases the struggle of the girl to get justice against the accused, who is linked to a powerful politician of the area.

On 13th September, 6:45 pm, Playwright and director Mr Rupkumar Bora’s “JIBAN ZINDABAD” will be presented by the famous Jorhat Theatre. This family drama deals with a paralysed father and his family’s treatment of him

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