Assam Police Bust Multi-Crore Call Center Scam


Guwahati: In a significant operation, Assam Police have exposed a multi-crore scam involving eight illegal call centers engaged in fraudulent activities under the guise of technical support. The crackdown resulted in the arrest of three suspected masterminds and the detention of 191 individuals linked to the operation.

This enforcement action came after receiving intelligence reports, prompting raids across Guwahati. The scam had been operating for a lengthy two-year period, employing cryptocurrency transactions and hawala channels to transfer the ill-gotten gains.

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The call centers used deceptive tactics, including posing as prominent banks and tech support companies, inducing panic among victims to gain access to their devices, and implanting malicious software to steal sensitive information. These scammers made use of bogus toll-free numbers and internet-based calls (VoIP) and even managed to obtain lease line connections through fraudulent means.

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