Assam Launches Amrit Brikshya Andolan


Guwahati: Assam’s Chief Minister, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, has launched an important initiative called the Amrit Brikshya Andolan. This initiative aims to plant one crore saplings across the state on September 17. The goal is to involve people from different walks of life in this effort.

At the launch event, Chief Minister Dr. Sarma talked about the importance of this initiative for our environment and how it can help fight climate change. Around 40 lakh women from self-help groups will plant saplings, and many others like anganwadi workers, tea garden workers, and government officials will join in. People who register and share pictures of planting will even receive money in their bank accounts.

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This initiative also focuses on increasing farmers’ income while preserving our environment. Additionally, new rules have been introduced to support wood-based industries in the state, especially agarwood growers.

The event was attended by various ministers and members of the legislative assembly.

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