Assam DGP Urges Youth to Steer Clear of Conflict Zones and Extremist Recruitment Tactics


Guwahati: Gyanendra Pratap Singh, the Director General of Police (DGP) for Assam, has issued a crucial advisory to the youth of the state. Through both traditional and social media channels, he has urged them to avoid getting ensnared in unsafe conflict zones and resist the recruitment efforts of extremist groups.

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This appeal comes in the wake of a drone strike targeting a mobile unit of the banned United Liberation Front of Asom (Independent) in Myanmar’s Sagaing Division on January 7.

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“As reported in print and electronic media , it is reported that there’s a lot of conflict going on in those areas where camps of the only remaining banned insurgent group of Assam are located. The conflict is reported to be between local army, people’s defence forces and Alliance of Insurgent groups. Difficult to say who’s targeting whom. It’s an advice and a  request to youngsters from Assam not to fall prey to recruitment campaign of such militant groups. Moreover, those in camps there are also advised to come back to homeland instead of staying in unknown unsafe places. Stay safe, stay away from unsafe conflict zones. Assam Police is committed to safety of residents of Assam, anywhere.” Dgp Singh said.

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