Remembering Harinarayan Dutta Barua: Tribute to a Literary Luminary


Dr. Pradip Jyoti Mahanta paid homage to the late Harinarayan Dutta Barua during the 4th Hari Narayan Dutta Baruah Memorial Lecture at the Harinarayan Dutta Barua Central Library Hall of Assam down town University. Dr. Mahanta hailed Dutta Barua’s contributions to education, literature, and publishing in Assam, emphasizing his immense influence on Assamese culture.

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The event, attended by dignitaries like Dr. Suryakant Hazarika, commenced with a Ghosha recitation by singer Sharat Rag, followed by a lamp lighting ceremony. Dr. Suryakant Hazarika highlighted Dutta Barua’s impact on Assamese literature, with valuable book donations made to the library in his honor.

The gathering, anchored by Dr. Rubi Goswami, featured renowned writers, photographers, and members of the Dutta Barua family. The program concluded with a Satriya dance performance and the screening of research documentaries, marking a fitting tribute to Dutta Barua’s enduring legacy.

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