Sanjukta Dutta Stuns at Milan Fashion Week 2024


Renowned designer Sanjukta Dutta showcased her latest collection, “KOHUA – KOMAL,” at Milan Fashion Week 2024, leaving the audience spellbound with her timeless elegance and empowering charisma.

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The collection, featuring Assam’s silk, received accolades from esteemed guests, including Mrs. T Ajungla Jamir, Consul General of India in Milan, and Mr. Luciano Pettoello Mantovani, Secretary General of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy. Sanjukta’s fusion of classical Indian aesthetics with contemporary flair mesmerized attendees, symbolizing her dedication to her homeland’s artisanal heritage. Each meticulously crafted ensemble spoke volumes of tradition, captivating women from all walks of life. Mrs. Jamir expressed her admiration for the show’s success and the elegance of the attire, commending Sanjukta’s representation of Assam on the global stage. Sanjukta, humbled by the acclaim, emphasized the privilege of showcasing Assam Handloom at Milan Fashion Week and her commitment to promoting Indian craftsmanship worldwide.

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