Tragic Newborn Death on Majuli River Island Highlights Infrastructure Challenges in Assam


A tragic incident occurred in Majuli, Assam, where a pregnant woman gave birth to a baby boy in a boat while traveling to the hospital for delivery. The newborn, unfortunately, lost its life soon after being born. The incident sheds light on the poor infrastructure in the region, with the lack of bridges forcing people to rely on boats for transportation.

Devendra, a local resident of Chanong village, told The Guwahati that the incident took place on July 2. The woman, around 30 years old, gave birth while on her way to Pitambar Dev Goswami District Hospital. The baby boy was still alive when they rushed to the hospital. However, as the patient’s condition worsened, she was referred to Jorhat, but the baby died.

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“The pregnant lady, from Chanong village under Lohit Khabolu Panchayat, had to travel to Garmur hospital. As there is no bridge in the area, boats are the only means of transportation. She was on a tractor to reach the riverbank when she unexpectedly gave birth,”  a local resident said. 

“The area is situated between North Lakhimpur and Majuli, and it is now under the administration of Majuli district. The lack of proper communication infrastructure in the area is a major concern,” said a local police officer in a statement to The Guwahati.

A local resident of Majuli said that the incident highlights the urgent need for improved infrastructure in the region, with the absence of bridges affecting the lives of the people. The poor connectivity leaves them with no other option but to use boats for river crossings and tractors for travel on the roads.

Majuli, known as the world’s largest river island, is located in Upper Assam and shares borders with Jorhat, North Lakhimpur, and Sibsagar districts. The region has been a focus of attention for the government, with former Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal representing the Majuli constituency.

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