Jatin Bora’s ‘Raghav’ Set to Release on October 27: A Tale of Emotions and Action


The Assamese blockbuster actor, Jatin Bora, known for his previous hit ‘Ratnakar,’ is back with a new film titled ‘Raghav,’ slated to hit screens on October 27. Produced by Navanita Sharma Bora and Jatin Bora under JB Productions, ‘Raghav,’ directed by Jatin Bora himself, promises a blend of entertainment and action similar to ‘Ratnakar.’

The film revolves around the story of a taxi driver, a dedicated family man who spreads joy wherever he goes. However, his world takes a sudden turn, and he faces betrayal despite his selfless sacrifices.

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Driven by a sea of problems, the protagonist transforms into a vengeful figure, only to later rediscover the importance of his relationships and the true meaning of life. The film delves into themes of love, responsibility, and dreams.

‘Raghav’ boasts high-octane action sequences, some of the most intense in Assamese cinema, shot under the direction of renowned South Indian action experts. To fit his physically demanding role, Jatin Bora followed a rigorous workout plan to stay in peak shape.

Despite the passage of time, Jatin Bora’s charisma remains, a testament to his enduring charm in the Assamese film industry. The film’s songs, particularly ‘Silmil Tupanite’ and ‘Maa O Maa,’ have already garnered significant attention on YouTube.

The movie’s promotional campaign is in full swing, with the cast and crew touring various parts of the state. Jatin Bora’s investment in this big-budget project reflects JB Production’s commitment to providing quality entertainment.

With recent successes in Assamese cinema, ‘Raghav’ arrives in a promising environment for films, with growing audience attendance and enthusiasm.

The film features a talented cast, including Mridula Boruah, Hiranya Deka, Nishita Goswami, Sumi Borah, Bibhuti Bhusan Hazarika, and others. The story, screenplay, and dialogues are by Abhijit Bhattacharjya, with music directed by Zubeen Garg. Pradip Daimary handled cinematography, and Rajesh Kannan directed the high-energy action scenes.

The film’s sound design is by Debajit Changmai and Amrit Pritam, art direction by Jyoti Shankar Bhattacharyya, and DI colorist Rajesh Yadav. Navanita Sharma Bora managed costumes and production, while Protim Khaound took care of editing and visual promotions. Pankaj Ingti and Deepak Dey choreographed the songs, and Biswajit Kalita handled makeup, with Monuj Kumar Mishra as the production manager. Assistant directors included Arindom Kashyap, Anindita Kalita, Bhargab Adhyapak, Surajit Phukan, and Abhijit Chutia.

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