Husband Arrested After Decomposed Dead Body of Woman Found Inside Steel Trunk in Guwahati


Guwahati: On June 2, a man identified as Somen Goswami, also known as Raju, was arrested by Guwahati police for the murder of his wife, Basanti Goswami.

The Guwahati police made a shocking discovery when they recovered a semi-decomposed dead body of a woman packed inside a steel trunk. The incident took place in the Lalunggaon area, under the jurisdiction of Gorchuk police station.

According to the police, on June 1, 2023, at around 4 PM, they received information about a foul smell emanating from a rented thatched room in Lalunggaon. Local residents suspected the smell was coming from inside the rented room, which belonged to Moniram Bordoloi of House No. 10, Lalunggaon, Gorchuk police station.

Upon immediate arrival at the scene, the police discovered the semi-decomposed body of a woman inside a steel trunk. Initial investigations revealed that a family, consisting of a husband, wife, and son, had been living in the rented room. However, the exact identities of these individuals were unknown to the landlord, and both the husband and son were missing.

An inquest was conducted, and the body was sent for a post-mortem examination as the investigation commenced. Based on leads, the prime suspect and husband, Somen Goswami, also known as Raju, 39 years old was arrested on June 2.

During on-site interrogation, it was revealed that the deceased woman was Mrinmoy, also known as Basanti Goswami, who was Somen Goswami’s wife. The family had been residing in the rented room for the past 15-20 days. Upon further questioning, the arrested suspect confessed to the murder, citing marital discord as the motive behind the crime.

The investigation is ongoing as further interrogations take place.

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