Guwahati Police Destroys Contrabands Worth ₹223 Crores in Major Anti-Drug Operation


Guwahati : In a major operation against illegal drugs, Guwahati Police destroyed seized contrabands worth ₹223 crores today. The event took place following the prescribed procedure at special facilities in Boragaon and Chandrapur.

The seized substances included a staggering 3154.442 kgs of Ganja, 7.252 kgs of Heroin, 1.86 lakh tablets, 16.88 kg Brown Sugar, 20043 cough syrup bottles, 2230.26 gms of Opium, and 843 gms of raw material for brown sugar.

This significant move by the authorities is expected to strike a blow to the illegal drug trade in the region and sends a strong message against drug-related activities

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