Frontier Highway to bring sea change in Arunachal Pradesh


In Arunachal Pradesh, the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is undertaking a significant project to build the Frontier Highway, a road leading to the Indo-China frontier. Commuters traveling along this road encounter memorials erected at various points, honoring those who lost their lives in accidents over the past two decades. Many of these memorials pay tribute to the BRO personnel, who work tirelessly to construct roads in challenging terrains.

AK Mishra, the Chief Engineer of BRO’s Project Brahmank, oversees road construction in the Siang and Shiyomi valleys of Arunachal Pradesh. Project Brahmank, initiated in 2011, aims to establish a communication network in this strategically important region. Mishra, reflecting on his experiences as a young engineer in the General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF), recounts the challenges faced by BRO personnel, including trekking long distances daily and enduring adverse weather conditions.

While the sacrifices of the army in battles are often celebrated, the stories of BRO personnel facilitating army access to frontier areas remain less heard. The memorials along the road to Menchukha near the Indo-Tibet border serve as a testament to the sacrifices made by BRO personnel in ensuring strategic access for the army.

Currently, the BRO’s primary focus in Arunachal Pradesh is the completion of the 1748-km-long Frontier Highway by 2027. This ambitious project, with an estimated cost of ₹27,000 crore, includes the construction of greenfield stretches. Mishra highlights the additional radials connecting border villages to the main highway, enhancing connectivity in the region.

Expressing satisfaction with the progress despite challenging terrain and weather conditions, Mishra believes that the Frontier Highway will revolutionize communication in Arunachal Pradesh in the coming years. Efforts to minimize environmental damage include the use of pre-cast materials and advanced machinery.

The BRO also implements civic action programs to benefit local communities, including health camps and awareness initiatives. The Vibrant Villages Programme, launched last year, focuses on providing basic amenities to select frontier villages, contributing to comprehensive development efforts across frontier states and the Union Territory of Ladakh.

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