down town Gurukul Moranhat Celebrates World Environment Day


Moranhat: Down town Gurukul Moranhat participated in World Environment Day 2024, themed “Our Land. Our Future. We are Generation Restoration,” with a day filled with educational activities and environmental action.

Students from Study Centre 5 to 8 took to the streets of Moranhat town in a vibrant procession. They carried banners and chanted slogans highlighting the importance of environmental protection. This public display aimed to raise awareness among the community about the pressing issues of land degradation and the need for restoration efforts.

Study Centre 3 and 4 students actively participated in a tree-planting ceremony within the school premises. By getting their hands dirty and planting saplings, they learned the importance of nurturing the environment and contributing to a greener future.

down town Gurukul Moranhat further encouraged environmental consciousness among its students by organizing a painting and essay competition. This creative outlet allowed students to express their ideas and concerns about environmental issues while developing critical thinking and communication skills.

The procession not only served as a symbolic gesture but also provided an opportunity for students to distribute saplings to the Moran town community. This initiative encouraged residents to participate in the act of planting and contribute to local environmental restoration efforts.

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