Assam Trinamool Congress Opposes Palm Oil Farming, Citing Environmental Concerns


Guwahati: The Assam Trinamool Congress, led by President Ripun Bora, is speaking out against the Assam government’s decision to grow palm oil, also known as oil palm, in the state. They believe this move could harm the environment.

President Bora stated, “Even as 117 scientists from our country have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi opposing oil palm cultivation, which is banned in Sri Lanka and Indonesia and has faced bans in many European countries. Data shows that a palm oil plant uses up 300 liters of water every day from the ground. This means that as soon as this cultivation starts, the water level in the ground drops rapidly. It’s not just the crop itself that’s affected; the water shortage impacts a large area around it.”

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“While the Assam government is launching a campaign to plant 1 crore saplings across the state on September 17 to promote greening efforts, concerns have been raised about giving permission to four companies to cultivate palm oil on 2 lakh hectares of land,” Bora said.

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