Assam Cabinet Meeting in New Delhi: Key Decisions on ASHA Workers, Tourism, and Sports


New Delhi: The Assam government’s Cabinet meeting held in New Delhi on August 9 resulted in several significant decisions. Notably, the retirement age for ASHA workers has been set at 60 years. ASHA workers with a 10-year tenure will receive a retirement grant of Rs 2 lakh, while supervisors will be entitled to Rs 3 lakh.

Additionally, ASHA workers who have served for 10 years but wish to retire before 60 will receive a grant of Rs 1 lakh. The tourism department also saw important developments, with special provisions made for six state communities. Five of these communities will receive special reservation in ITIs, benefiting Ahoms, Chutiya, Marans, Matoks, and Koch Rajbanshis.

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Furthermore, the Cabinet decided to introduce a sports event called “Khel Maharan” in Assam. Over 50 lakh sports enthusiasts are expected to participate in this event, which will begin at the village level. Necessary funding will be allocated for the successful execution of the games.

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