Assam CM Attends 9th Mising Youth Festival at Kareng Chapori in Dhemaji


Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on Wednesday attended as Chief Guest the 9th Mising Youth Festival hosted at Kareng Chapori near Bogibeel Bridge in Dhemaji district.

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Speaking at the event, Chief Minister Dr. Sarma, referring to the Mising ethnic group as one of the earliest original inhabitants of the State, said the latter reached Assam in search of greener pastures. Arriving in Assam much before the Ahoms, the Mising community contributed greatly towards strengthening the composite Assamese identity, the Chief Minister added. The Chief Minister stated that members of the Mising community were appointed to high official positions by Ahoms which led to their gradual integration into the then kingdom’s administrative set-up. To accommodate a bled and efficient members of the Mising community in the Ahom bureaucratic set-up, posts such as Miri Handique, Miri Kataki, Miri Baruah, to name a few, were created by the Ahoms, the Chief Minister added. The Mising community’s saga of valour were on full display during the battle of Saraighat and the Burmese invasion of Assam, Chief Minister Dr. Sarma said.
Chief Minister Dr. Sarma said social unity between members of the Mising community were their greatest strength and the same was manifested in their numerous victories against enemies despite having no central authority such as king or monarch. Participation of all members of Mising community in social activities are worth mentioning, Dr. Sarma further added. He lauded efforts of the Mising social organizations for their attempts aimed at keeping the Mising youth rooted to their culture and identity. He further said social and religious festivals have been strengthening the spiritual consciousness of the Mising community.
Today’s event was attended by Ministers of Assam Cabinet Dr. Ranoj Pegu, Jayanta Mallabaruah, Sanjoy Kishan, Member of Parliament Pradan Baruah, Members of Legislative Assembly Bhuban Pegu, Naba Doley, Bhuban Gam, Manab Deka, Chief Executive of Mising Autonomous Council ParamanandaChayengia along with a host of other dignitaries.

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