Three Foreign Girls Praised in Kaziranga


Three foreign girls lauded for following all traffic laws during searches conducted by the transport department in Kaziranga. Morea, Talia and Melia are three beautiful young women from Israel to visit to North East. The three young women, who actually start their journey in a small vehicle with all the belongings, aim to visit the seven northeastern. The journey starts from Kaziranga. Three young women have arrived from Guwahati by driving on their own. The young women who are admired for driving with all the necessary documents as well as seatbelts and speed limits. Officials of the Golaghat district transport department in Kaziranga praised the three youths who had come to visit the national park.  A large number of people are facing fines on the streets of Kaziranga for violating other traffic laws, including speed limit of 40 kmph. In such a situation, the three foreign woman driving according to the rules of seatbelt, speed limit, as if showing role models to everyone.

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