Third Marriage and Parlour Romance End in Fatal Gunpoint Tragedy


Guwahati : The recent shocking murder of 27-year-old Anjan Nath at Koinadhara has been solved by Guwahati Police, leading to the arrest of six individuals allegedly involved.
Those arrested by the police are Saurabh Goenka (25), Govind Kumar (23), Arvind Ray (48), Ajit Sinha (57), Jharna Sinha (50), Gitashree Sinha (29). It is to be noted that Ajit Sinha and Jharna Sinha are parents of Gitashree.

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Amidst the disturbing narrative, it was disclosed that Geetashree Sinha, who had been married twice before, was engaged in a live-in relationship with the victim, Anjan Nath. The families of both Gitashree and Anjan were not happy in this regard and there was no social and legal marriage between them, the police commissioner of Guwahati Diganta Barah said.

The principal perpetrator in this case, Saurabh, was identified as the individual who carried out the fatal shooting of Anjan. Investigations further revealed a budding romantic involvement between Saurabh and Geetashree, which had developed within the confines of the parlour where Geetashree was employed. Their relationship progressed to the point where they purportedly planned to get married, prompting them to consider the removal of Anjan as an obstacle.

Initial attempts to resolve the issue through black magic allegedly proved unsuccessful, Saurabh met Govind. Saurabh later went to Govind’s Bihar home and arranged for a pistol. The weapon was subsequently transported from Bihar to Guwahati ISBT via bus and kept at Arvind’s residence. Saurabh executed the fatal shooting of Anjan on October 12 and disposed of the weapon in the Bharalu.

The Guwahati police have revealed the details of the incident.

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