Teachers Protest in Dispur Demanding Education Act Amendment


Guwahati: The All Assam Non-Provincialized Teachers Association staged a protest outside the MLA Bhavan in Dispur, with hundreds of teachers demanding an amendment to the Assam Education Act 2017-18.

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The protesters expressed dissatisfaction, stating that despite the government passing the law, it has not been implemented. Many schools established before 2006 are kept out of its ambit, and several teachers have not received their salaries despite having necessary documents like council receipts, land documents, and bank statements.

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M Islam, a member of the All Assam Non-Provincialized Teachers Association from Morigaon, said, “We demand a new law for provincializing the schools as many teachers who served for 25 years are still serving without a salary.”

He further lamented that despite the Chief Minister’s assurance in 2022, it proved futile, as the provincialization of 2,300 schools and recognition of 19,527 teachers have remained unmet.

The protest was staged to meet the Chief Minister but was intervened and removed by the police, as it was done illegally. Subsequently, the individuals were forced to board a bus, which transported them to the location of the 4th APBN in Kahilipara.

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