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“Rongatapu 1982” Depicts Struggle Against Illegal Occupancy in Riverine Areas

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Guwahati: The film “Rongatapu 1982,”  released on November 24, sheds light on the struggles faced by the people of Rongatapu, a riverine area in Assam, during the early 1980s. The storyline revolves around the illegal occupation of fertile lands by migrants, resulting in conflicts and violence. The film, directed by Adityam Saikia, focuses on the protagonist Yadav, emphasizing the inherent moral strength of women who often become victims in such conflicts.

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Illegal migrants intruded into the alluvial lands of Assam in the 1980s, leading to violent incidents and capturing fertile crop lands. Despite sacrifices made by Assamese youth to resist this illegal occupancy, the issue persists today. “Rongatapu 1982” aims to portray the emotional and tragic aspects of this historical struggle.

The director of the film is Adityam Saikia. Chief Assistant Directors Dhanjit Das and Mrinal Deka. Assistant Director Vivek Bora. Cinematography  by Krishna Shah. The sound editing and composition has been done by Amrit Pritam. The music is composed by Amrit Pritam and Sukumar. The vocals are sung by Rakesh Riyan. The makeup is by Vijeyita Patgiri. Edited by Rontu Chetia. Based on the lifestyle of four women, the film stars Aimi Barua, Gunjan Bhardwaj, Rimpi Das, Vivek Bora, Kalpana Kalita, Bhagirathi, Hemant Debnath, Alismita and many others.

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