Guwahati Police Exposes Land Scam: Police Commissioner Discloses Key Details


Guwahati: Guwahati Police Commissioner Diganta Barah disclosed details of a significant land scam during a press conference, prompted by complaints from Papu Gogoi and Someswar Tumung (60). Barah outlined a complex fraudulent scheme involving land brokers, advocates, and government employees.

Guwahati Crime Branch Seizes Heroin, Apprehends Suspects

The investigation uncovered a racket producing counterfeit land documents. The illicit process involves collaboration among land brokers, government officials, Mohoris, and advocates. They fabricate fake sale deeds between parties, presenting them as legitimate registrations. Subsequently, the gang submits certified copies of forged sale deeds to apply for mutation in their names at the Revenue Circle Office. The mutation process, intended for the genuine landowner, is manipulated, leading to the unlawful acquisition of land by the land mafia.

The first arrest in the case was a Desktop Publishing (DTP) operator, followed by the apprehension of Tapash Choudhury, Advocate Mainul Hoque, Dhrub Jyoti Barman, and Nitul Das. Commissioner Barah emphasized ongoing efforts to bring all involved individuals to justice as the investigation progresses.

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