Riyan Parag Confident Ahead of Crucial IPL Match in Guwahati


Guwahati: Despite facing defeats in the last three matches, Rajasthan Royals’ spirits remain high as they gear up for their upcoming clash in Guwahati. Speaking optimistically, Riyan Parag, a key player for the Royals, expressed confidence in their chances against Punjab Kings on May 15 at the ACA Stadium in Barsapara.

“The defeat in the last three matches is a real fact, but we have already taken it out of our minds. We have come to Guwahati with a positive mindset. Our aim is to win the next match,” said Riyan Parag, emphasizing their determination to bounce back.

Highlighting the favorable conditions in Guwahati compared to Chennai, Parag added, “The wicket of Guwahati is comparatively better than the Chennai wicket. It is also my home wicket.”

With Riyan Parag’s stellar performance in the ongoing 17th IPL, where he has already scored 483 runs in 12 matches, hopes are high among fans. “I’ve come to my homeland with the praise of cricket lovers worldwide and will strive to continue my form in front of domestic supporters,” said Parag, acknowledging the support he has received.

Despite the absence of opener Jos Buttler in today’s match, Parag remains unfazed, stating, “It is sad not to have experienced cricketers like Butler in the team, but it will not impact our game.”

Reflecting on his performance strategy, Parag mentioned, “It was our team’s decision to play at number four. My aim is to fulfill the responsibility given to me by the team. According to the wicket and the environment, I start my innings and set a goal to play till the end.”

As the Royals currently stand second in the table with 16 points from 12 matches, all eyes are on their performance in today’s crucial match in Guwahati.

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