Over 21,000 People Affected by Floods in Assam, Significant Impact in Lakhimpur


Guwahati : According to the Assam Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), the initial wave of flooding in Assam has affected nearly 21,000 individuals across four districts. Among them, the Lakhimpur district alone accounts for a substantial number, with 20,768 people affected. The floods have caused significant disruption and challenges for the affected population in the region.

The floods have disrupted normal life, causing difficulties in transportation and access to essential services.

In Lakhimpur District, certain areas have been severely impacted by devastating floods. The heavy rains have resulted in flooding that has caused significant damage and disruption to the affected regions.

The floodwaters have engulfed homes, agricultural fields, and infrastructure, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The residents of these areas have been forced to evacuate and seek safety in higher ground.

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