‘Joubone Amoni Kore’ Celebrates 25 Years at Kalakshetra in Guwahati


Guwahati: The popular Assamese film ‘Joubone Amoni Kore’ is gearing up to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a grand silver jubilee event. The celebration will take place at the Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra in Guwahati.

Ashok Kumar Bishoya, the producer from Laxminarayan Films, officially announced the exciting event during a press conference at Guwahati Press Club on May 27.

‘Joubone Amoni Kore’ captured the hearts of audiences when it was released in 1998 and continued to be screened for an impressive 25 weeks.

As the film’s silver jubilee year approaches, the artists and members involved in ‘Joubone Amoni Kore’ are filled with nostalgia, fondly recalling the grand premiere of the film.

To mark this significant milestone, the silver jubilee celebrations of ‘Joubone Amoni Kore’ will take place at Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra in Panjabari. The event is scheduled to begin at 6 pm on June 11, promising a delightful evening dedicated to paying tribute and showing appreciation.

The silver jubilee celebrations of ‘Joubone Amoni Kore’ not only honor the film’s remarkable achievements but also highlight the significance of regional cinema in captivating audiences and preserving cultural heritage.

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