Guwahati Traffic Police Issue Advisory for Durga Puja


Guwahati : The Guwahati Traffic Police has released a traffic advisory for the upcoming Durga Puja celebrations, aiming to ensure public safety and facilitate the smooth passage of emergency vehicles. The traffic restrictions will be enforced from October 21 to October 24.

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As per the advisory, goods carrying vehicles can enter the city between 4 am and 10 am during the puja festivities. However, the movement of commercial goods carrying vehicles with six wheels or more on NH-27 and NH-17 within the city will be restricted from 11 am to 12 midnight.

City buses are instructed to follow a specific timeline, with a designated 1-minute parking duration at city bus stops. Violations may result in penalties such as RC Book fines or Non-FIR cases.

Furthermore, arrangements have been made for the smooth flow of idol immersion vehicles, allowing their passage from 12 pm onward, primarily leading to Lachit Ghat via High Court during Visarjan. B Barooah Road will remain closed for idol immersion vehicles, prohibiting any vehicular movement towards Pandu Ghat via Maligaon.

These measures are part of the efforts to ensure the safety and convenience of the public during the festive season.

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