Free Eye Screening and Health Check-Up Camp at Apna Ghar, Guwahati


Guwahati : A Free Eye Screening and General Health Check-Up Camp held at Apna Ghar, Guwahati, on May 15, 2024. Organized by team members of Guwahati Transit Home, including Mr. Sujoy Chakma, Ms. Anusmita Talukdar, and Ms. Dipayani Ghosh, in collaboration with Guwahati Lion’s Eye Hospital, the camp aimed to promote eye health and general well-being.

The camp provided comprehensive services, including power screening, cataract screening, and assessments for other vision-related issues. Additionally, attendees benefited from blood pressure and diabetes check-ups. Over 40 patients and caregivers underwent screenings, receiving prescriptions for powered spectacles and eye-relaxation exercises as needed.

Expert tips were shared during the camp on maintaining eye health and preserving good eyesight, emphasizing preventive measures and healthy habits. Notably, the diligent screening efforts led to the detection of two cataract cases, with patients recommended for surgery pending confirmation from their treating doctors.

The active participation of all patients and caregivers contributed to the success of the camp, ensuring that individuals received essential health benefits and guidance for ongoing care.

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