DC Keerthi Jalli Pays Special Visit to 105-Year-Old Voter on Assamese New Year


On the occasion of the Assamese New Year, District Commissioner and District Election Officer of Kamrup, Keerthi Jalli, visited the home of Ramati Baishya, a 105-year-old voter in Dalibari village. This visit, coinciding with the Rongali Bihu celebrations, was part of an initiative by the district administration to honor elderly voters and encourage electoral participation.

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During the visit, Jalli extended warm Bihu wishes to Ramati Baishya and presented her with traditional Assamese gifts such as Gamosa, Cheleng, and Doi-Pitha. Jalli also urged Baishya to exercise her voting rights in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, emphasizing the importance of her participation in shaping the nation’s democratic future.

“It was a wonderful experience visiting the 105-year-old aaita. We encouraged her to vote, and she promised to do so. If someone like her can go out and vote, why can’t our young voters also turn out in large numbers on polling day to make it a great success,” said Keerthi Jalli.

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