CM, Chief Justice Guwahati HC Inaugurate New Judicial Court Building at Barpeta


Dispur, August 19: Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma and Chief Justice of Guwahati High Court Justice RM Chhaya on Friday inaugurated Barpeta district’s newly constructed judicial court building at an official ceremony held at the land of the Satras.
Addressing those present at the event, the Chief Minister exuded confidence the new judicial court building, built with funds allocated by the central government, shall be able to expedite the justice delivery system in the district. He further expressed hopes that this new infrastructure will be able to contribute immensely towards meeting the aspirations of the district’s residents, especially with respect to timely delivery of justice.
Dr. Sarma in his address appealed to the residents of the district to opt for out-of-court, traditional system of solving disputes through mediation by family elders, etc. in matters of less serious nature, so that the formal judicial system can dedicate its workforce and time on issues of serious nature such as murder, rape, etc. He stated that due to issues and cases of less serious nature burdening the judiciary, justice for victims of heinous crimes are getting delayed.
Referring to ancient religious and secular scriptures, the Chief Minister further spoke about the need for all to work towards achieving a society that is just, lawful and humane. He stated that ancient Indian society administered itself on the bedrock of “Dharma”, which, Dr. Sarma said, was simply the rules, regulations that were being followed by human beings from birth till the last breath. “Dharma” held all elements of the society together, the Chief Minister added. Dr. Sarma added that a society that follows “dharma” reduces the scope of conflict between its elements.
The Chief Minister, during his address, also declared that the government of Assam will spend a total of ₹300 crore in the next three years to develop and upgrade the infrastructure of the district and sub-divisional judicial courts of the various districts in the state.
The Chief Minister also lauded Guwahati High Court Chief Justice RM Chhaya for playing a prominent role in formulating the “Vidya Rath – Schools on Wheels” project, that was launched on August 15 this year. Aimed at imparting education to those children hitherto excluded from the formal education system, the Chief Minister stated that this social-impact project would make a huge impact on the lives and future of children belonging to underprivileged social strata.

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