Assam Youths Create New Social Media App with Peacock Logo


Bajali : Two young talents from Pathsala in lower Assam’s Bajali district have caught attention for developing a unique social media app featuring a Peacock logo, representing India’s National Bird.

Sasanka Talukdar and Paras Das are the creative minds behind this innovative project, which serves as an alternative to Twitter. Speaking to the media, Sasanka Talukdar explained, “Our app lets users share status updates, photos, and videos with their friends, just like other popular social media platforms. It will be available for both iOS and Android phones, and we hope people will enjoy using it.”

Acknowledging the competition with established platforms like ‘X’ (referring to Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram, Sasanka expressed determination to give his best along with his team to make the project successful.

While the full details of the app’s privacy features and other functionalities are not disclosed yet, it has already sparked curiosity among social media enthusiasts.

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