Assam Police Commando Trainees Complete Training with Indian Army


Guwahati: Trainees from five special battalions of Assam Police Commandos successfully finished Phase I of their training with the Indian Army at seven locations in Assam and Meghalaya. This rigorous 40-week training has transformed these recruits into a highly capable force.

A total of 2,284 Commando recruits, including 273 female commandos, and 269 Sub Inspectors, including 15 female Sub Inspectors from Assam Police Commando Battalions, were trained by Indian Army instructors. The Gajraj Corps of the Army’s Eastern Command meticulously planned and executed this training, molding these commandos into a skilled and disciplined unit. They will play a crucial role in maintaining internal security.

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The culmination ceremonies at various locations paid tribute to months of rigorous training and the support of the Indian Army. These ceremonies included cultural performances to celebrate the hard work of all involved. It was a heartwarming experience, with commandos, instructors, and guests sharing stories and experiences.

This successful completion of the Assam Police Commando Battalion training underscores the excellent coordination between the state police and the Indian Army.

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