Assam Government’s Department of School Education Organizes Janbhagidari Events


Guwahati : The Government of Assam’s Department of School Education is taking proactive measures to raise awareness about important educational initiatives such as G-20, NEP (National Education Policy), and FLN (Foundational Literacy and Numeracy). The focus of these initiatives is to ensure foundational literacy and numeracy for all children, with a particular emphasis on blended learning approaches.

To actively engage people across India, the Department of School Education, Assam, has organized a series of activities and programs at various levels, including schools, districts, and the state. The aim is to promote and endorse the theme of “Ensuring Foundational Literacy and Numeracy, especially in the context of blended learning.” These activities include workshops, art and craft competitions, rallies, rangoli (traditional art form), poem recitations, street plays, riddle-solving, and storytelling sessions involving grandparents and retired individuals. The participation of esteemed social workers and educators as chief guests has served to encourage contributions from individuals representing diverse sections of society, all working towards achieving the goals of G-20, NEP, and FLN to enhance the global standard of education, with the vision of “one earth, one family.”

In addition to the state-level programs, the districts have also taken the initiative to organize workshops, seminars, and presentations on innovative practices related to FLN undertaken by schools. Children participate in skits and cultural programs, while Teaching-Learning Materials (TLM) Melas and exhibitions provide valuable learning opportunities. Discussions involving mothers’ groups and educators are held to emphasize the role of parents in the NIPUN AXOM initiative. A state-level conference is scheduled for June 13, 2023, at Assam Administrative Staff College in Khanapara, Guwahati.

The primary objective of involving stakeholders in various Janbhagidari events is to create an enabling environment within the education system, promoting the all-round development of children with a special focus on foundational literacy and numeracy. Recognizing that children spend a significant amount of time with their parents and within the community, the involvement of community members, the use of local languages, and consideration of the local context and culture are integral components of the Janbhagidari activities. These efforts contribute to a healthy and positive learning environment.

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