Assam down town University Marks 16th Lamp-lighting & Oath-taking Ceremony


Guwahati: In a momentous event organized by the Faculty of Nursing, Assam down town University, the 16th Lamp-lighting & Oath-taking ceremony marked a significant milestone symbolizing commitment and enlightenment. Pushpanjalli Devi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing, welcomed esteemed dignitaries, including Dr. N.N. Dutta, Chancellor, Prof.(Dr.) N.C. Talukdar, Vice Chancellor, Prof.(Dr.) Pranveer Singh, Pro Vice Chancellor, and Mayurakshi Dutta, Resident Trustee, down town Hospital.

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Dr. N.N. Dutta and Prof.(Dr.) N.C. Talukdar emphasized the importance of the ceremony for students embarking on their nursing careers, highlighting the significance of the collaborative pledge taken by 134 novice students. The lighting of the ceremonial lamp symbolized the dispelling of darkness and the embrace of knowledge. The oath-taking, led by Prof. N. Monika, Associate Dean (Academics), reflected the students’ dedication to the nursing profession.

The event featured the release of the 2nd edition of the Biennial newsletter, a traditional prize distribution ceremony, and an annual report presentation by Prof.(Dr.) Manashi Sengupta, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing. The ceremony concluded with a vote of appreciation by Nishamoni Baishya, acknowledging everyone’s hard work and devotion. The Lamp-lighting & Oath-taking ceremony not only signifies students’ commitment to nursing but also sets the stage for a bright and optimistic future.

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