Assam CM orders high-level enquiry committee after student deaths at AEC


Guwahati: In response to the tragic road accident in Jalukbari that claimed the lives of seven students from Assam Engineering College (AEC), Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has instructed the Education department to set up a high-level enquiry committee. The committee’s purpose is to investigate the circumstances leading to the accident and the untimely deaths of the students.

During the period of the enquiry and examination of the report by the government, the Principal of AEC, Jalukbari, and the Superintendent of the respective hostel to which the ill-fated students belonged will be asked to take leave.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister has requested the Education department to form a committee to assess the current system of elections in colleges and universities. The committee will determine the necessity of reviewing the system due to the frequent clashes among students during the pre and post-election periods.

To prevent the recurrence of life-threatening incidents involving the student community, Chief Minister Dr. Sarma has also urged the Education department to establish a separate committee. This committee will focus on strengthening discipline, rules, and regulations within educational institution hostels. It will address issues such as strictly enforcing in and out times, implementing a complete ban on alcohol within hostel premises, and prohibiting extended stays by former residents. Additionally, the committee will propose ways to promote a healthy community life within the hostels.

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