Amitabh Sarma Files Nomination for Guwahati Lok Sabha Seat


Guwahati: Amitabh Sarma, representing the Ekam Sanatan Dal, officially entered the electoral fray by filing his nomination for the Guwahati Lok Sabha Constituency on April 16th. Sarma, a thirty-four-year-old candidate, has previously contested in the Assembly election of 2021 from the West Guwahati Assembly constituency. Known for his advocacy on various public issues, Sarma brings a mix of youthfulness and political experience to the table.

However, Sarma’s nomination has not been without controversy. Revealing assets valued at over 13 crore rupees, he also disclosed four pending criminal cases against him, casting a shadow over his candidacy. Despite these legal challenges, As a Software Engineer Cum Corporate Lawyer specialising in Intellectual Property Law who has been a vocal voice regarding establishment of Indigenous Rights and protection.

A seasoned Campaigner in various domains his educational and professional background lends a strong support as Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal focuses on enabling India’s rise as Software and cyber power with control over data and server sovereignty of its citizens.

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Meanwhile, in a parallel development, Congress candidate Mira Borthakur has also filed her nomination from Guwahati, setting the stage for a fiercely contested electoral battle. Notably, BJP candidate Bijuli Kalita Medhi and other candidates are yet to submit their nominations, adding to the suspense surrounding the upcoming polls.

With the election scheduled for May 7th, voters in Guwahati will soon face a crucial decision in selecting their representative in the Lok Sabha. As campaigning intensifies and political dynamics evolve, the focus will be on how candidates like Sarma navigate the complexities of public scrutiny while making their case to the electorate. The coming weeks promise to be pivotal in shaping the political landscape of Guwahati and determining its future direction.

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