Aircraft Stuck in Guwahati Overbridge


Guwahati: A 118-foot-long decommissioned Air India aircraft, en route from Mumbai to Sivasagar district in Assam for transformation into a family restaurant, encountered a hurdle under a railway over-bridge on National Highway No. 37 near North Jalukbari in Guwahati on Saturday night. Locals and police successfully extricated the truck carrying the aircraft, allowing it to proceed to its destination.

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This incident marked the second time the plane got stuck under an overbridge, with a previous occurrence on December 29 under the Piprakothi bridge in Bihar’s Motihari. The renowned boutique resort in Sivasagar, Zoonskaya, named the upcoming establishment ‘Wings of Hazarika’ flight restaurant, aiming to create the Northeast’s first aircraft-themed dining experience.

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