Actor Utpal Das attracted to male homosexuality ? But Why ?


Conversations about LGBTQ issues are slowly and gradually becoming a topic of free and open discussion in our society. It is no longer uncomfortable, uncommon for people to accept the fact that a man may feel love for another man; a woman may feel love for another woman or a relationship and marriage between two same gender persons. While some people may find these things hard to accept, that they are true to the physical and mental feelings of individuals. There are thousands of examples of people who were born as men but carried the mind and soul of a woman or who were born as women but carried the mind and consciousness of a man. Now it is before our eyes. Many people, on the other hand, feel attracted to both men and women, and maintain relationships. It is also now a universally accepted fact that it is not a disorder on the physical and mental levels.

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Many such truths are going to be revealed. It’s a film named SATYA,the truth. The film is directed by Rupjyoti Barthakur planned by Chandan Talukdar and produced by Tilottama Talukdar. Initial reports suggest that the movie is about male homosexuality. Many films on homosexuality have already been made at home and abroad. The issue of homosexuality has also gained widespread attention in mainstream Indian Hindi cinema. There is a film in Assamese language called Jonaki Parua which focused on transgender issues. But this is the first film to focus on male homosexuality.
Talented Actor Utpal Das will be seen in a very important and crucial character of a homosexual guy in this film. While Udayan Duwara, Dorothy Bharadwaj, Mohesh Borah, Suman Das, Bijit Dev Choudhary has played other major roles in the film
The film, which is about this sensitive but fascinating subject, already had its world premiere at the Kashish: Mumbai International Queer Film Festival in June this year. The festival, which features 110 films from 41 countries, will feature Satya the Truth as the Indian narrative centrepiece. The film received a special jury mention at the 11th Indian Cine Film Festival held in Mumbai in August this year. The film was also screened at the Chicago South Asian Film Festival in Chicago last September. The film has already been nominated in the Competitive Film category at the Jaipur International Film Festival in Panorama, India.
The music is directed by Diganta Bharti and Tarali Sharma. The songs are beautifully penned by Prashant Bardoloi, Tarali Sharma and Jhunakankan Bhuyan. The songs are sung by Zubeen Garg , Arundhati Bhanupriya and Anurag Baroua. The choreography is by Abhijit Bora. Cinematography by Hiten Thakurya and edited by Sanjeev Barthakur. Sound addition and mixing by Amrit Pritam. D:I is done by Shyam Das. Rani Dutta Barua and Pooja Dutta has worked as costume desiner and make up artiste respectively. The film is scripted by Chandan Talukdar.
When we spoke to popular hero, actor Utpal Das about the character in the film, he said that he decided to play the character because he understood the importance of the statement the film wanted to make. It is very important that such issues are discussed in the Assamese mainstream entertainment media. That is why he accepted the offer to play the role, he told us. He told us that he is hopeful that the film will receive a response from all levels of audiences after its release. The production team and director also said that the film will create a new thought and consciousness in the minds of the general audience and there are some issues that should be discussed. This is an attempt to simply discuss something that many people in society still don’t want to talk about through a film.

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