Street Play in Guwahati with the demand to Strengthen Tobacco Control Law


Guwahati : Consumers’ Legal Protection Forum, Assam, and Consumer VOICE, New Delhi organized a 3-day Street Play in Guwahati to demand stronger tobacco control laws. The program concluded with a memorandum submission to PM Modi. Inaugural ceremony held at Directorate of Health Services on 23rd June. Director Dr. Nilmadhab Das highlighted the risks of tobacco and called for stricter laws.

10 street plays performed to raise awareness in different area. Area are Down Town, Hengerabari, Guwahati Railway Station, Dhirenpara, Adabari Bus Stand, Jalukbari, Lokhora, Babunimaidam Market, Narengi market and Fancybaza . Advocate Ajoy Hazarika urged the government to strengthen laws, remove designated smoking areas, and ban point of sale. Over 700 people signed a memorandum to PM Modi for protecting the younger generation from tobacco addiction.

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