Poster of ‘Dhwaja’ Unveiled at Jyoti Chitraban


Guwahati: The official poster for the highly anticipated film “Dhwaja” was unveiled on Friday at Jyoti Chitraban. Directed by Shahjahan Rahman and produced under the banner of R3 Motion Pictures, the film stars renowned actors Ravi Sharma, Diganta Hazarika, and Udayan Duvara.

“Dhwaja” is a gripping action film that follows Major, a special forces officer whose life is disrupted by a personal tragedy that escalates into a national security threat. As he investigates, Major uncovers a vast conspiracy threatening the nation, highlighting his unwavering dedication to justice and his country, according to the filmmaker.

The film will be shot in various locations across India and Thailand, marking a groundbreaking collaboration that integrates talent and resources from both countries. Key story elements are set in Thailand and Northeast India, with Hollywood’s renowned action team “The One” designing the action sequences, promising high-octane thrills.

Director Shahnawaz Rahman expressed his excitement: “With ‘Dhwaja,’ we aim to tell a story of heroism and duty while bridging cultural divides. This collaboration between Thailand and India enhances the narrative, making it both a visual and emotional journey.”

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