Poor Road Conditions in Margherita’s Kamba Village Causing Problems for Students and Villagers


Margherita: The villagers of Kamba village, located in Margherita, are facing significant challenges due to the deplorable condition of the local road. Students, in particular, are bearing the brunt of the inadequate infrastructure, as they struggle to commute to their schools amidst the prevalent road issues.

The road in Kamba village is in a terrible state, making it hard for the villagers to communicate and travel. During the rainy season, the road gets flooded with dirty water, making it even worse. Students have to carry their sandals in their hands to keep them dry while going to school.

The primary school in Kamba village, which received good grades in 2017 and 2022, is also affected by the poor road condition. Teachers, the village head, and the district committee have expressed their frustration as their requests for road repairs have been ignored.

The bad road is not only causing inconvenience to the villagers but also creating obstacles for students to access education. The community is urging the authorities to take action and fix the road so that everyone, especially the students, can travel safely and easily.

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